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29 Apr

Edith's Story - Written by Simon Dufitumukiza, Country Director

Edith Mugirasoni was born in the Bugesera District of Eastern Rwanda in 1977. She was the youngest of nine children. Edith had a very self-reliant family since they owned many cows and enough land to produce plenty of food. Her three brothers were teachers at a primary school and Edith loved studying very much. The 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi happened when she was in the second year of secondary school. Every child in Edith’s family had a vision for the future and her big vision was to study and have many degrees. These good people, who had been enjoying the blessing of being members of such a beautiful family, were forced to die. All of their visions and plans ended there. The entire family was exterminated except for Edith and one more »