Now you know more about what's happening in Rwanda and how True Vineyard Ministries is serving the most vulnerable.

When you partner with us, you have the power to make a real impact on the life of a Rwandan woman and her family. Join us and make change happen today. Sponsor a woman, get your church involved or come to Rwanda. 


When you sponsor a woman, you bear fruit...


You Give The Light

True Vineyard Ministries does this work with Rwandan women because we love Jesus and we want to love His people well. The women of True Vineyard Ministries love Jesus, too, and pray for you every day when they gather for Spirit-filled worship and prayer before starting their work day.


You Support Innovation

It’s more than a sheep or a rabbit… it’s innovation! Recognizing that innovation in entrepreneurship is vital to long-term business success, True Vineyard is creating a product that is truly one-of-a-kind in its Merino and Angora yarns, and hand-knit products. When you care for a sheep or rabbit you are investing in an entrepreneurial endeavor that will employ formerly-marginalized women for years to come.


You Unify

In a country destroyed by ethnic based violence during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, True Vineyard is doing its' part to rebuild the country’s unity by ensuring we hire equally among the country’s three ethnic groups (Hutu, Tutsi, and Bantwa) and foster a work environment centered on partnership. 


You Heal

We want to see the women of True Vineyard Ministries transformed from the inside out so they can live out a beautiful future free from a traumatized past. Your sponsorship provides personalized counseling which, in turn, empowers each woman to live in true freedom.


You Educate

The biggest inhibitor towards educating Rwanda’s children is lack of funds for school fees, books and uniforms. Your monthly sponsorship ensures children from primary through high school have these basic needs met so there are no barriers towards their attendance in school.

You Give Health

Health insurance is expensive in Rwanda but, for those living in poverty, it can feel unreachable. Having health insurance provides peace of mind for the women of True Vineyard, many of whom are HIV-positive and are now able to access treatment and proper medication.

True Vineyard Ministries is an ecumenical Christian organization eager to partner with like-minded churches who want to grow in a deeper understanding of the Bible's call to care for the poor and make a difference in Rwanda. 

Here's how we help you do this. 


True Vineyard Ministries wants to engage your church community through education as a means to mobilize your church for mission. We are happy to speak at your church so your congregation may learn more of God's beautiful work in Rwanda.


True Vineyard Ministries encourages churches to send their members to participate in God's life changing work in Rwanda. We facilitate a worry-free vision experience allowing teams to build relationships with the women working with us. These short-term trips allow you to explore a new culture, to interact with new people and to see first-hand how, through the transformational relationship that comes from knowing Christ, lives are being changed. 

Join us and become a church partner today.


Vision Trips

Participate in God’s life changing work in Northern Rwanda. When you spend time in Rwanda, your life will never again be the same. You will have the opportunity to see what God is doing firsthand and encourage the women in their walk with Christ.

Contact us with your inquiry and we’ll get back to you shortly with more information about joining us in Rwanda.


Special Event Volunteers

In order to support fair trade all over Africa and raise funds for True Vineyard, our ministry hosts a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. These events can only be completed by the dedication and diligence of a vibrant volunteer base. 

Vineyard Marketplace Volunteers

A crucial way to serve True Vineyard Ministries is by volunteering at Vineyard Marketplace.  Our fair trade boutique provides an excellent avenue for stateside shoppers to come in contact with the heartbeat of change in Sub-Saharan Africa…. social enterprise!

San Marcos, Texas

Vineyard Marketplace is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  We regularly need assistance to run the shop. Training is simple, and we are looking for outgoing individuals eager to share our message and care for the customer.


Volunteer Info Card


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True Vineyard Ministries offers periodic volunteer internships for college students and recent college graduates. The True Vineyard Ministries Internship Program offers a unique chance to serve the ministry and simultaneously develop  your professional skills. True Vineyard Ministries is an approved internship partner through the McCoy School of Business at Texas State University. 

    The internship program includes opportunities in:

    • Communications and Marketing
    • Store Management
    • Assistance in Fundraising Events
    • Leadership Formation 
    • Other areas of ministry support

    True Vineyard Ministries is looking for professional students or college graduates who maintain:

    • Excellent written and oral communication
    • Adaptability, flexibility
    • Willingness to learn new things
    • Self-starter and ability to work alone

    Contact Us to learn more about internship openings.