Fully Sponsored Women

These women of True Vineyard are fully sponsored. We are grateful for those who provide for these ladies on a monthly basis. We invite you to spend some time learning about them, then visit our page for those ladies who are still in need of sponsorship.



Alphonsine is the mother of two sons and a daughter.  When she became gravely ill, her husband took her sons and abandoned her.  During the 1994 Genocide, she fled with her aunt to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she met her second husband and had her daughter.  Upon returning to Rwanda with her new family, her husband was killed in the civil war that continued to plague the Northern Province after the Genocide.  Alphonsine came to work at True Vineyard Ministries in July 2008.  She is thankful that her children have a safe place to live and plenty to eat.



Alivera has nine children, though she lost two at young ages. She currently cares for six children and two grandchildren. She was widowed in 2002, losing her husband to HIV/AIDS. Alivera began working for True Vineyard in 2008 is grateful she is now able to buy food, soap and clothes for herself and her family. She is proud of the home she was able to purchase and takes great pride in caring for it



Virginie cares for her three children and three nieces. She lost her husband when she was pregnant with her third child. In 2005, Virginie discovered she was HIV+. She spent many sleepless nights wondering how she would provide for her children. She now praises God for her home and employment. Virginie is now teaching several of the other widows to read and write. 



Beatrice and her 67-year- old mother take care of two orphans. After the public murder of her father in 1997, she made the choice to work instead of going to school. Her life was hard,
and she worked many miscellaneous jobs. She is grateful to work for True Vineyard Ministries now, and she looks forward to being able to provide for her family. 



 In 1997, rebels came to Perusi's home and took her husband away.  She never saw him again and he is presumed dead.  Before being hired by True Vineyard Ministries in March 2011, she used to work as a gardener to earn money. Now she is able to provide necessities for herself and her children.  In 2000, she received Jesus as her Savior, and she is thankful for His healing and grace in her life.  



Rosa was born in 1938 and lost her husband more than 30 years ago, possibly to poison. Rosa has three children. She currently cares for seven grandchildren. Rosa came to the True Vineyard family in May of 2012. Before coming to True Vineyard, she worked as a gardener or made pots in order to provide for her family. She attends a local Anglican Church where she was baptized.




Ruth joined True Vineyard in April 2012. Ruth was born in 1986 and lost her husband in 2011 to tetanus.  During their seven year marriage they had two boys. Before working for True Vineyard, Ruth would borrow money to buy bananas. She would then sell the bananas and split the profits. Today, Ruth is very grateful for her work at True Vineyard. “God did a big thing. Now I don’t feel the loneliness I used to feel. Now I have hope. It’s like God resurrected me. I’m alive again.” 



Theodosie grew up in Northern Rwanda with her parents, where she attended secondary school for mathematics and physics. Her father was murdered in the pre-Genocide killings and their district became dangerous and unsettled. Only she and two of her siblings survived the Genocide. In 2003, she married a soldier with whom she had two children. After his discharge, they lived in extreme poverty and, shortly after the birth of her youngest child, he left them. True Vineyard Ministries hired Theodore in January 2014. Since coming to work, Theodosie has shown excitement and curiosity in yarn dyeing and spends her days learning about the natural dye process.





Vestine was born into a family of eight children in 1979. During the 1994 Genocide, while hiding from Hutu militia, her parents and four of her siblings were murdered in Nyamata Church. Vestine was attacked and believed to be dead, but she escaped the church and fled to a refugee camp where she stayed until the Genocide was over. Before coming to work for True Vineyard Ministries, she survived by carrying sand, bricks and other construction materials. Now, Vestine's children attend school and she rents a home. She is able to provide food and clothing for her children and credits the counseling program at True Vineyard for helping her process the traumas she experienced during the Genocide.



Jackie began working for True Vineyard Ministries in March 2011.  Prior to being hired by TVM, she was not always able to afford food for her children.  Now, however, she is able to feed her family every day and they are all healthy. She continues to trust in God’s provision for her and herchildren.  She is always willing to share her story with others so that they will see what God is doing in her life and how He has provided for her.  She travels around her district telling others of God’s power.



Louise is a single mother of three children.  She was born into a very poor family and, at the age of 15, found herself pregnant. Her family rejected her for becoming pregnant and Louise was forced to drop out of school. Prior to working for True Vineyard Ministries, she earned an income by carrying rocks and sand for construction sites. Louise  is amazed that God has provided her a consistent and stable income. 

Mama Janeen .jpg

Mama Janeen

Mama Janeen was born in 1958. Her marriage was arranged when she was 25 years old. She had eight children with her husband, but lost three of them to an illness believed to have been malaria. Mama Janeen lost her husband in 2012 and, after his death, had great difficulty finding steady work. She became a Christian in 2004 and is a member of the United Methodist Church. Mama Janeen shares that it was a great joy to be welcomed into the True Vineyard community, and she believes this to be a sacred work God has for her. 

Mama Valens.jpg

Mama Valens

Jacqueline, known as Mama Valens, was born into extreme poverty. She met and married her husband in 1989 and they had two children together before he fell ill and died in 1994. After his death, life became harder still for her and her two young children. In 1997, during the Rwandan civil wars, she became unexpectedly pregnant after being raped. She searched to find work whenever possible, hand washing people’s clothes, gardening, and hauling sand and rocks at construction sites. It was very hard for her to find work. Now, she is very excited to be able to buy a goat, food and clothing for her family. 



Mariana was born in 1960.  She has three children, two of whom are married.  She lives with her third child and two of her grandsons.  Her husband was killed in 1997 by rebels from the Congo in the civil war that ravaged the country.  During the war, her house was burned down and she was unable to save anything.  Now, over a decade later, she is still trying to replace things she needs like blankets, saucepans, and clothes.  She knows that all of the blessings she has received have been from God.  Without Jesus, she would not have been brought to her job at True Vineyard Ministries, and she would not have made the friends that she now has.  She knows that if she continues to pray, God will bless her by providing for her.  She started working for TVM in March 2011.



Odette is married to a severely traumatized man who survived the 1994 Genocide and subsequent civil wars. They have five children together. Because she is now able to provide for the family, she feels there is more peace in her home. Before having a new home, her children would run under her skirt when it rained for protection. She says she felt like an animal having to seek refuge in a cave. Odette is most grateful to God for providing her family with food and shelter for her children.




Bonifrida never had the opportunity to attend school because, at the time, girls were required to stay home and help with housework. In 1984, Bonifrida married and moved to Rwanda where she gave birth to four children. Sadly, she lost her husband in 2003 when he was killed in a car accident. Today, Bonifrida is thankful to God for bringing her to True Vineyard Ministries because she has been provided steady work and income.




Colette was born in 1967. She lost both of her parents when she was twelve years old.  After, she lived with relatives until she married at the age of 17. In 1998, her husband was killed by a raiding party of Rwandan rebels who crossed into Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Afterward, her husband’s family abandoned her, forcing her to move out of her house and to leave her three children with them.  She had nowhere to stay and no family to take her in. Now that she is employed with True Vineyard Ministries, she has found a new hope and a dependable job. She is proud to be in a community of women who love Jesus. 





Domina has been a widow for ten years and is the mother of three children. Her family was so poor that she had to beg neighbors to care for her two youngest children while she left to look for work. She found employment as a field worker, but it did not pay enough to support her family. She now works as a knitter and says her life is very good. She looks forward to saving money so she can buy more land and make improvements to her home. Domina’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.” 






Faina  met and fell in love with her husband through their church choir.  After seven years of marriage, her husband was killed in the civil wars that occurred in the late 1990’s. Shortly afterward, her house collapsed while it was raining, destroying most of her possessions.  In 2008, she was hired full time by True Vineyard Ministries. Since then, her children have enrolled in school. She is now able to provide food and clothes for her family and she owns her own home. She says, “When I came here, I was not even able to buy one chicken, but now I own two goats.”  She thanks God for how He has changed her and her family.




Delphine lost her hearing when she was very young after contracting meningitis in 1994. As her family was fleeing Rwanda during the Genocide, Delphine was very ill and her mother was forced to carry her. Other refugees encouraged her mother to leave Delphine, saying she was a burden and unlikely to recover. But, according to Delphine, her mother loved her too much to do this and "just carried me on". Delphine first came on at True Vineyard as an intern and was later hired to create felted animals. She says she would rather be at True Vineyard than anywhere else. She enjoys her work and feels she is particularly talented at making felted gorillas.



Christine grew up with one sibling. Her mother died when Christine was two and she was sent to live with her grandmother. After her grandmother died, Christine lived a lonely, isolated life. She is happy to working with other ladies at True Vineyard. She is grateful for the counseling she is receiving and believes it changing the way she sees herself for the better.

Anne Marie.jpg

Anne Marie

Anna Marie was born to a Christian family in 1963 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There she met her husband who was a teacher. Anna Marie and her husband came to
Rwanda in 1994, where her husband continued to teach.They had three children together, but lost the youngest in a car accident in 2004 at the age of five. Three years later, Anna Marie's husband suffered a heart attack and died and Anna fell into debt with many people. Today, Anna Marie is able to earn steady income, has paid off all debts and is supporting her family.



Adera was five years old when her mother died, leaving her to care for her two-month-old sister. Later, her sister died from malnutrition and Adera was left with her father who abused her.  She married at the age of 16 and had seven children.  She is HIV+ and, when she was diagnosed, her husband left her.  He has since returned. Adera came to work for True Vineyard Ministries in July 2008.  Before she had a job, she suffered from stomach ulcers caused by stress and worry. Now, she is able to provide for her family.  



Cathérine is the mother of three sons.  Her husband was killed in 1995 during the civil war in the Northern Province of Rwanda.  Since the age of 12, Cathérine has suffered from Lymphedema, commonly known as Elephantitis, in her feet, making it extremely difficult to wear shoes. In July 2008, she was hired by True Vineyard.  She is thankful to God for her job and learning the yarn-making process because she now knows a trade. 



Petronille was born in 1958 and was married in 1979. She became a widow in 1997 when she lost her husband to the civil war that ensued after the Genocide. After his death, she worked as a gardener. Unfortunately, work was inconsistentent and she could not provide for her family. Petronille was hired by True Vineyard Ministries in April 2012 and she is very grateful to God for her life now. 



Rosette was born in 1973.  In 1999, her husband was killed by a raiding party of Rwandan rebels living in the DRC. In 2001, Rosette learned she was HIV+.  Since joining the women at True Vineyard Ministries, she has been received with joy and she is happy God has given her consistent work with other women because it removed her from loneliness and isolation. 



Saveline is the mother of six daughters and one son.  Before coming to work for True Vineyard Ministries in July 2008, she would send her children to the market to beg for food and money.  Sometimes they were so hungry they would steal.  Now, Saveline is living with her children in a government-built house with doors, windows and a roof. She is now able to buy food and clothes for herself and her children.  In the last few years, she has experienced God’s healing in her life, saving her from alcoholism and bitterness.  



Before finding employment with True Vineyard, Uwimana was very poor and sick. She had turned to alcohol as a way to deal with her sorrows. She had no land to cultivate for food and could not pay her rent. She was unable to keep a job. People treated Uwimana poorly. She was mocked for being HIV+. Eventually, Uwimana decided to turn to God rather than alcohol as a way to deal with her sorrow. Now that she works at TVM she can pay her rent, obtain food without begging, and buy clothes for her children. She is now a person other people in the community can trust. Her children are happy because they can eat regularly. She is a singer in her church choir and finds comfort in regular prayer.



Gentille was born in 1989 and is the mother of two children. She became a widow in 2010 when her husband died of an unknown illness. For most of her life she worked with her family to create and sell clay pots, brining in an income equivalent to $8 each month. When she was young, someone offered her a scholarship to attend a private school. However, her father required her to remain at home so she could continue helping the family have an income. Gentille carried the burden of a lost opportunity to be educated into her adulthood. Gentille is grateful to have her job with True Vineyard Ministries and has benefited greatly from the individual counseling offered. Gentille is a born-again Christian and attends the Anglican Church of Rwanda.


Khésia has two children. Her husband died in 1999 from HIV/AIDS. It wasn’t until years later that Khésia decided to be tested and she learned she was HIV+. Thankfully, her children are free from HIV, but for many years her poor health has been a debilitating struggle in her life. She is very happy to be a part of True Vineyard Ministries. She attends an Anglican church and is slowly learning more about her faith in Jesus.

Mama Emmanuel .jpg

Mama Emmanuel

Mama Emmanuel lost her husband in 1996. Prior to working for True Vineyard, she earned a living by carrying sand and rocks to clear construction sites. Now, Mama Emmanuel can provide food for her family and her son is able to attend school. She is a member of the Anglican Church and enjoys singing with the choir.



Monique was born in 1982. She has one child who is 10 years old and currently in school. Monique moved to Musanze after the death of her husband in 2009 following an illness. Poverty prevented the family from getting him the medical attention he needed. Monique was hired by True Vineyard Ministries in April 2012. Before her employment with True Vineyard, Monique worked in the gardens or washed clothes. Today, Monique is grateful that God brought her to True Vineyard. She is now able to buy food regularly and has shelter. Monique  attends the local Catholic Church.




In 2008, Bernadette’s husband fell ill and passed away, leaving her to care for their five children and for five orphaned children in their care. She found herself penniless and living in abject poverty. Despite the poor compensation and inconsistent work, Bernadette kept her children in school. She is happy to have consistent work with True Vineyard Ministries and is excited to have a job that will allow her to take better care of her children and spend more time with her family.



Because Clementine’s older brother was successful in school, her family decided he would be the only child to receive an education. Upon graduation, he joined the military but was injured and returned home blind.  Clementine married and gave birth to two children, but her husband decided to leave her and return to Congo. Clementine was forced to move in with her older brother. She is hopeful that, through her employment with True Vineyard Ministries, she will be able to support her family and repay her brother and his family for their kindness.



Daphrose lost her father when she was eight years old. Without him, her family lived in extreme poverty. Neither she nor her four other siblings could afford to attend school. Following the Genocide, her family decided to move to Rwanda. Daphrose would find housework with Rwandan families whenever she could. In 2007, she married and quickly became pregnant, but her husband left two months after the wedding. She came to work at True Vineyard Ministries in December 2013. Now, with consistent work, job training, and a network of support, Daphrose hopes to provide for her mother, siblings, and child.



Esperance was born in 1969 and has three children. She lost her husband in 1998 to HIV. Since his death, Esperance has tested HIV+. Fortunately, her children have not.  Before working for True Vineyard Ministries she was cleaning and washing for other families, but her illness made this work very difficult. Esperance joined True Vineyard Ministries in May 2012. Since then, she is able to buy food for her family and rent a proper house. Esperance accepted Jesus in 2000 and attends Grace Shalom Evangelical Church in Musanze.



Felicita is the mother of four children.  In the late 1990s, her husband was shot and killed by rebels.  Since coming to work for True Vineyard Ministries in March 2011, she has been able to provide food and clothes for her children.  Her children are able to go to school every day. She prays daily for God’s provision.  She and her family attend Grace Shalom Church and she is actively involved with her church choir.



Florida was born in Ruhengeri in 1964. Although she enjoyed a good childhood, she was not able to attend school. By the time she was 15, she was working in the fields as a shepherd for the family. At age 18 she married an older man. He died in 1994 during the Rwandan Genocide after contracting an illness. Together they had three children. Florida says that working at True Vineyard Ministries is good because she has work every day and is able to buy food and other things the children need. Today her heart is happy because she knows Jesus and her children are safe from starvation. Florida attends the Nazarene Church.




Clema lost both of her parents to unknown illnesses. Her family once owned land, but the property was sold to pay for schooling for her brother. Clema is married and has three children. She rarely sees her husband as he spends much of time in the Democratic Republic of Congo looking for work. Before joining True Vineyard, Clema worked repairing old clothes for people in her community. She was hired by True Vineyard in September of 2018 as a knitter and says the job has brought big changes to her life. She can now afford food for her children and can pay her rent.



Claudine was born with HIV/AIDS. She was never able to attend school because her family could not afford the educational fees. Claudine is married and has four children. Her husband suffers from paralysis, leaving Claudine as the sole source of income for the household. Before joining True Vineyard, Claudine says she felt hopeless and lost - that she had "no smiles in my face". Now, Claudine earns a monthly wage carding wool. She says she enjoys her colleagues and has made new friends. She is hoping to save enough money to repair her home and install running water. 



Denyse was born in 1979 in the DRC/Congo. Although she was one of nine children, only Denyse and one sibling were able to survive infancy in the DRC/Congo. Denyse's family returned to their homeland of Rwanda in 1995. In 1996, her father was killed in an automobile accident. The life of a single mother is difficult in Rwanda. Before coming to work for True Vineyard Ministries, Denyse was desperate to find employment so that she could make repairs to her home and support her children and mother.