True Vineyard Ministries is committed to using social business models that provide work-based solutions to poverty. But that's just the beginning of what we do.

Because we have a heart for the most vulnerable, we are prepared to welcome each widow along with her own unique healing journey before her. Many are rape survivors from the 1994 Genocide, are suffering from HIV/AIDS, and have experienced marginalization, hunger, and lack of other basic necessities. These women are also mothers to multiple children.

True Vineyard Ministries provides counseling to help women heal from their traumatic experiences. The widows have opted to create a savings group to help them create and reach financial goals, save for the future, and provide for their families. Skill-based training is also offered to the women, so they can become professionals in their field, empowering them to take pride in their work for Handspun Hope.

Every day the women arrive at True Vineyard Ministries office an hour early to partake in corporate prayer because they know they are partaking in something bigger than themselves. They are taking part in rebuilding Rwanda.