Born in 1965, Vincentia was one of six children. She married her neighbor at the age of 25,seven years before his death. They had four children together.

Vincentia’s husband served in the military. He was killed by a group of friends because he refused to help them rob someone else. Three of the children have also died. One died after the father was killed, and she assumes that the other two died because of poisoning.

With all the pain she has experienced in life she has been afraid of other people. She withdrew from society other than having to beg for money. She owns a house, but it has many maintenance problems, especially when it rains. In communicating with Vincentia, she shows severe signs of trauma.

She has two children remaining: Jean de Dieu, who is ten and Dukundane, who is five. Jean de Dieu is in his first year of primary school.

Vincentia was hired at True Vineyard Ministries in the spring of 2012. She has only been on the job for a short time, but she has learned to make friends. Please pray for Vincentia to feel secure in her position with TVM. Also, as TVM has gotten to know her, she has shown signs of severe trauma. Please pray for God’s healing and restoration in her life.