Theodosie grew up in Northern Rwanda with her parents, where she attended secondary school for mathematics and physics. However, the wars preceding the 1994 genocide disrupted her education in her second year. Her father was murdered in the pre-genocide killings, and their district became dangerous and unsettled, so Theodosie transferred to a school in Kibuye in western Rwanda. Interahamwe soldiers were posted at roadblocks on the way to Kibuye, forcing cars to stop so they could abuse people of her ethnicity. When she arrived in Kibuye, the area was in so much turmoil that she was unable to finish her third year of school. She decided to return home. During the genocide, her family’s names were broadcast in radio propaganda among others who were being hunted, and they lived in fear of discovery from Interahamwe soldiers. Only she and two of her siblings survived.

Shortly after the genocide, Theodosie married a soldier and gave birth to her firstborn in 1995. Her husband was killed in the civil wars after the genocide. In 2003, she married another soldier, with whom she had two more children. After his discharge, they lived in extreme poverty, and not long after the birth of her youngest, he left them. She had returned to school in 2004, but after giving birth prematurely and then her husband’s leaving, she decided not to continue in order to care for her children and her surviving brother and sister, both of whom still suffer deeply from the impact of their trauma. Her sister wanders their neighborhood, staying with different families, and sometimes Theodosie won’t see her for a month at a time. Her brother lives with her, but he is addicted to drugs and alcohol. She hopes to one day send him to a rehabilitation facility. She lost her house in the rainy season, and now she lives in a small ghetto outside Musanze.

True Vineyard Ministries hired her in January 2014. Since coming to work, Theodosie has shown excitement and curiosity for the yarn-dyeing process, and spends her days learning all the ins and outs of using natural dyes. TVM is so grateful for her enthusiasm, and we are so happy to invite her into our family.