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Saveline is the mother of six daughters and one son.  Before coming to work for True Vineyard Ministries in July 2008, she would send her children to the market to beg for food and money.  Sometimes they would not get any food; sometimes they were so hungry they would steal.  Saveline would wait for them at home in their one-room banana-leaf hut, afraid that it would collapse at any moment.  

Now Saveline is living with her children in a government-built house with doors, windows, and a roof, and she is no longer scared it will collapse.  She is now able to buy food and clothes for herself and her children, and she does not have to beg from others.  

In the last few years, she has experienced God’s healing in her life, saving her from alcoholism and bitterness.  She owns three goats and rents land to garden and grow food.  Three of her children are attending school.