Ruth was formally known as Gapamba. She joined the True Vineyard community in April 2012. Since then Ruth has been baptized at her church, Grace Shalom Church. It is custom to take Christian names upon baptism. She is so proud of her new birth in Christ that she has asked True Vineyard to call her by her new Christian name, Ruth.

Ruth was born in 1986 and lost her husband just recently in 2011 to Tetanus.  In their seven years of marriage they had two boys, one who is 6 years old and the other is 3 years old. In the mornings before work, Ruth prepares her oldest son with porridge and sends him off to school.

Before working for True Vineyard, Ruth would borrow money and buy bananas with it. She would then sell the bananas and split the profits. Unfortunately, there was not always fruit to be bought. Work was slim and not always profitable.

Today Ruth is very grateful for her work at True Vineyard. “God did a big thing. Now I don’t feel the loneliness I used to feel. Now I have hope. It’s like God resurrected me. I’m alive again. God did a big thing.” Ruth used to struggle buying her children food or funding housing repairs and security. Thankfully, those are not things Ruth worry about anymore because of her security at True Vineyard Ministries.

Ruth prays everyday on her way to work. She is content and joyful for what the Lord has done. Please continue to pray for Ruth and her family as she grows more in their faith with us at True Vineyard.