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Rosette was born in 1973.  She, her husband, and their three children lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) until they returned to Rwanda in 1999.  That same year, her husband was killed by a raiding party of Rwandan rebels living in the DRC.  After the death of her husband, life was very difficult.  In 2001, she decided to return to the DRC, but while she was there she became very ill and returned to Rwanda for care.  She then learned she was HIV+.  Since then she has struggled with her illness, contracting tuberculosis and spending long stints in hospitals while her children lived separately. At this time she is taking antiretroviral medicine, and she has been reunited with her children.

Before coming to work for True Vineyard Ministries, she was making and selling a local drink from sorghum.  Since joining the women at True Vineyard Ministries, she has been received with joy, and she is happy that God has given her consistent work with other women because it removes her from loneliness and isolation.

Rosette attends the Seventh Day Adventist Church and lives in a government-built house in Susa Village with her three children.  She was hired by True Vineyard Ministries in July 2011.