Perusi was born in 1961.  She has four children who still live with her, and her youngest is still in school.  In 1997, rebels came to her house and took her husband away.  She never saw him again, and he is presumed dead.  Before being hired by True Vineyard Ministries in March 2011, her life was very hard.  She used to find work in other people’s gardens to earn money. The work was inconsistent, and she was not always able to afford food and clothes for her family. 

Now she is able to provide necessities for herself and her children.  In 2000, she received Jesus as her Savior, and she is thankful for His healing and grace in her life.  Her job has allowed her to lease some land to have a garden; she is able to grow food for her family.  Her children are also very thankful for her job.  She thanks God for his blessings in her life.