Marguerite was born in 1962 and has two biological children.  Before coming to work for True Vineyard Ministries her life was very difficult. She had a husband who died in 1994 (due to an illness) while they were refugees in Congo. However, even when her husband was still living, she felt alone. He was an alcoholic and was always drunk. They had no home and they were very poor.

As a poverty-stricken widow, she faced harassment from her family because of her inability to care for her children. After struggling for so long, she made a decision to sell a piece of her land so she could build a roof for her small house. Before coming to TVM, she survived by working for other by hauling sacks of potatoes or hoeing their fields.

She came to know Jesus after the death of her husband. A few people in her church occasionally provided her with food or other assistance. She joined TVM in July 2012 and quickly became able to buy food and clothes. She joined the savings group at TVM so that she can save enough to continue making improvements to her home. Her prayer is to have electricity in her home and buy a goat.