Mama Valens

Jacqueline, known as Mama Valens, was born into extreme poverty. She met and married her husband in 1989, and still impoverished, they had two children together before he died of sickness in 1994. After his death, life became harder still for her and her two young children. In 1997, during the Rwandan civil wars, she became unexpectedly pregnant after being raped. A few years later, still vulnerable and unable to protect herself, she again became pregnant. During this pregnancy, she and her children became very sick. Despite being ill, she still strove to find work whenever possible, hand washing people’s clothes, gardening, and hauling sand and rocks at construction sites. It was very hard for her to find work. Now she is very excited to work with True Vineyard Ministries. She believes that this opportunity will change the her life and the lives of her children.