Mama Mutoni

Mama Mutoni, also known as Beatrice, was born in 1963 and has been a widow since 2000.  In 1994 they fled to the Congo as a result of the genocide. It was then that he developed pneumonia in the lungs. Once they returned to Rwanda she took him to a hospital but the damage was already done. In 1995 Mama Mutoni became a Christian and her husband soon followed her afterwards by accepting Jesus in his heart as well. He was a choir member for the last few years of his life. Her husband was greatly concerned for his family having the provisions that they needed without him.  

When Mama Mutoni’s husband died in 2000, their fourth child was just born. Mama Mutoni rented a sewing machine for a while and would sew clothes when on demand. Unfortunately, the development of cataracts in her eyes hindered her work. Mama Mutoni struggled with getting food for her children. The children also suffered in school. She would have to pull out loans to make ends meet, but then the children had to help her pay off the debt.

Her life is much different today. Since she was hired at True Vineyard Ministries, they eat every day, she can pay for school fees and the spiritual life of her whole family has improved. Her oldest child is 22 years old. She helps with the caregiving of the younger children. The younger three are in school and are doing better. Her youngest just passed his school exam. Together they attend a Pentecostal Church.