Mama Gisubizo

Beatrice, known as Mama Gisubizo has lived in Musanze her entire life. When she was 17 months old, her mother left her in the care of an old woman, saying she was going to the market and then never returned. The old woman kept Beatrice in her care, and Beatrice grew up believing this woman was her biological mother. When she was five, the woman died, and through the maltreatment by her supposed siblings, Beatrice learned the truth about her mother. She was forced to leave and was taken in by her neighbors. In her new home, she was treated poorly, and at seven, she left to live on the streets, finding food and sleeping wherever she could. Eventually, she found work as a house girl and nanny, but she was unable to hold any positions long term.

In 2003, she met her husband in Kigali, but after a year, he left her and their two-month-old son Prince. She returned to Musanze and worked any jobs she could find. As she worked odd job after odd job, she got sick, and discovered she was HIV+. During an extended stay in the hospital, she was buoyed by food and care from friends at church, but after her release, she still could not find consistent work. The events of her life had often led her to dark places of despair and desperation, but now, after being hired by True Vineyard Ministries, she believes she believes she has been hugely blessed and has hope for the future.