Mama Emmanuel

Mama Emmanuel, also called Faina, was born in 1960 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Her parents had fled from Rwanda to the DRC in 1959.  

She married a Ugandan man, and they moved to Uganda, where their first daughter was born in 1984, followed by another daughter and a son.  In 1996, her husband died from liver disease, and a year later she decided to return to Rwanda.  

Before she came to work at True Vineyard Ministries, she carried sand and rocks for construction projects.  Her son is in school, but recently, she has had difficulty paying the fees for him to continue his education because the construction work was inconsistent.  She is confident that working for TVM will help her afford food and help with her son’s school fees.

Mama Immanuel is currently renting a house, and her son lives with her.  Her daughters are both married.  She became a follower of Jesus in 2004, and she attends the Anglican Church in Musanze where she sings in the choir.  She was hired by TVM in July 2011.