Louise is a single mother of three children who never had a husband.  Louise was born into a very poor family and at the very young age of 15, she found herself pregnant. Her family rejected and harassed her for becoming pregnant and Louise felt she had no choice but to drop out of school. Louise moved away when she found work as a house girl. Her life was very difficult and she had two more children. Sadly, during this time she also contracted HIV.

Previous to working for True Vineyard Ministries, she earned an income by carrying rocks and sand for construction sites and also by hand-washing other peoples laundry. Louise was ill but she struggled to find consistent work that would allow her to feed her children.

Louise recently accepted Christ as her Savior and is a member of the Presbyterian Church. She is amazed that God brought her to work at True Vineyard Ministries where she has a consistent and stable income. Additionally, she is grateful for the assistance TVM gives to make certain her children are educated.