Julienne is a single mother happy to have found employment with True Vineyard. Like many of the ladies working for us in Rwanda, Julienne has endured much tragedy in her life. When she was 16, her family fled Rwanda to escape the atrocities of the genocide. They lived in exile in the Congo for a year before returning to Rwanda in 1995. Upon their return, Julienne’s family learned that most of their relatives who had chosen to remain in Rwanda had been killed. That same year, Julienne’s father was murdered by the Interahamwe militia, radical members of the Hutu tribe who were determined to kill as many members of the Tutsi tribe as possible.

Without her father, Julienne’s family fell into poverty. Julienne was unable to continue her education. She cared for mother until her death. Julienne has one daughter and also cares for her brother’s child, but she suffers from an undiagnosed condition that causes her to have pain in her chest. Because of this, people in her community refused to hire her, thinking she was weak. Julienne survived by begging from neighbors before working for True Vineyard Ministries.