Gentile was born in 1989 and is the mother of two children. Gentile became a widow in 2010, when her husband died of an unknown illness. For most of her life she worked with her family to create and sell clay pots. When she was young, someone offered her a scholarship to attend a private school. However, her father required her to remain at home so she could continue helping the family have an income. Gentile carried the burden of a lost opportunity to be educated into her adulthood.

As an adult, she continued to generate a very low income from making and selling pots - less than $8 per month. As a single mother, the job did not allow a sufficient salary to provide for her children and she supplemented her income by hand-washing clothes for others.

Gentile is grateful to have her job with True Vineyard Ministries and has benefited greatly from the individual counseling offered. Gentile is a born-again Christian and attends the Anglican Church of Rwanda.