In early 1994, Felina was a young engaged woman living with her brother in Kigali, Rwanda’s capitol city. Her wedding was scheduled for May, but the breakout of the Rwandan Genocide in April of that year disrupted her plans and altered her life forever. When the killings began, Felina sought refuge at the Church of Saint Paul, next to Saint Famille Catholic Church, the site of one of the most violent and infamous mass killings of the 1994 genocide. She was beaten and raped, and she survived a stab wound in her thigh that was intended to kill her. Her fiancé and almost her entire family were killed. Only she and one of her sisters survived. After the genocide, she married, and she and her husband had four children. In 2005, she followed her husband from Kigali to Musanze. Their family lived in extreme poverty, struggling with hunger and illness, and in 2006, her husband left her and their children. In January 2014, Felina came to work at True Vineyard Ministries. TVM aims to be a positive and constant source of encouragement and security in Felina’s life, and we are so happy that she has joined our family.