Faina is the mother of five daughters and one son.  When she was in level 8 of secondary school, her father died, and she had to leave school in order to help her family.  She met and fell in love with her husband through their church choir.  

After being married seven years, her husband was killed in the civil wars of the late 1990s.  Shortly afterward, her house collapsed while it was raining, destroying most of her possessions.  

In 2008, she was hired full time by True Vineyard Ministries, and since then, she has seen a huge change in her life.  Her children are now in school.  She is able to provide food and clothes for her family.  She owns a house that does not leak.  

She says, “When I came here, I was not even able to buy one chicken, but now I own two goats.”  She thanks God for how He has changed her and her family.  Faina faithfully goes to God in prayer every day, and she feels joy when she sees her children pray and sing in their church choir.