Edith and her brother are the only two members of her family to survive the Rwandan Genocide. Her parents and six other siblings were killed in 1994. During the Genocide, Edith was attacked by men with machetes, who left her for dead among others who had been slain. She expected to die and spent three days unconscious among the other bodies, but by God’s grace, she survived. It wasn’t until 2000 that her wounds fully healed. That year, she left her hometown, Bugesera, and moved to Musanze to live with her uncle who had recently returned to Rwanda from exile. There she enrolled in school. Shortly after she moved, however, her uncle passed away, and unable to support herself and struggling to recover from her past trauma, Edith left school. She married, but after three years, her marriage failed. She moved in with her brother and his two children, and she lives with them to this day. Her brother earned his four-year college degree but has struggled to find a job. True Vineyard Ministries welcomes her gladly and hopes to provide a secure and supportive environment for her and her family.