When Daphrose was eight years old, her father passed away. Without him, her family lived in extreme poverty. Neither she nor her four other siblings could afford to attend school. Her family was living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the time, and in 1995, after the genocide, they returned to Rwanda, hoping for more opportunities. However, life continued to be difficult, and their impoverishment persisted. Daphrose would find housework with Rwandan families whenever she could. In 2007, she married and quickly thereafter got pregnant, but only two months after their wedding, her husband left her. She was her family’s primary provider, and now she had a child of her own to care for. She took odd jobs whenever she could find them, but even so, there were times she was unable to feed her family at all. She came to work at True Vineyard Ministries in December 2013. Now, with consistent work, job training, and a network of support, Daphrose hopes to provide for her mother, siblings, and child.