Colette was born in 1967, and she lost both her parents at the age of 12.  After the deaths of her parents, she lived with her great aunt and one of her maternal uncles until she got married at the age of 17.  Her first and second born children died in infancy, but later God remembered her and gave her three more children.  In 1998, her husband was killed by a raiding party of Rwandan rebels who crossed into Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Afterward, her husband’s family abandoned her, forcing her to move out of her house and to leave her three children with them.  She had nowhere to stay and no family to take her in.

Before coming to work for True Vineyard Ministries, she would do any work she could find, like cleaning, washing clothes, and gardening.  The work was inconsistent, and sometimes she would spend a whole day looking for jobs without finding any.  Now that she has a job at True Vineyard Ministries, she has found a new hope and a dependable job.  She is proud to be in a community of women who love Jesus.  Since coming to True Vineyard Ministries, she has committed to serving Jesus Christ.  She knows that it was Jesus who provided a dependable job for her, and that He has saved her and forgiven her for past choices she made in desperation.  Her heart is full of joy because of God’s plan for her life.

Since 1998, she has had two more children who are with her.  She is still currently homeless, but she is now sure she can buy food and provide for her children.  She attends Restoration Church.  She was hired by True Vineyard Ministries in July 2011.