Cathérine is the mother of three sons.  Her husband was killed in 1995 during the civil war in the Northern Province of Rwanda.  She became pregnant with her youngest son Fabrice after being raped by a mentally ill man.  Since the age of 12, Cathérine has suffered from Lymphedema, commonly known as Elephantitis, in her feet, making it extremely difficult to wear shoes.  Before coming to work for True Vineyard Ministries, she would walk around town and beg for money and food for her children.  In 2005, at the encouragement of her church, she underwent voluntary HIV testing; her results came back HIV+. 

In July 2008, she was hired by TVM; she was expecting Fabrice at that time.  She is thankful to God for her job and learning the yarn-making process because she now knows a trade.  She is also thankful to have a consistent income because it allows her to provide for her family.  She knows that one reason she got this job was because her walk to and from work takes her past her church.  She says the walk is a blessing, and whenever she is not working, she goes to church to pray.  She praises God that she now has a home and a full-time job.  Fabrice joins her every day at the office, and he is loved by all the widows.