Bonifrida was born in 1959 to an affluent family in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) but since then has experienced much loss. Bonifrida was the youngest child of three and the only girl. She did not go to school because during that time girls stayed at home to help with housework.

Bonifrida was close with her brothers. She even met her husband through her friendship with one of her sisters-in-law. In 1984, Bonifrida married and they came to Rwanda where they had four children together. Since then she has lost both of her brothers and her husband. One brother died in the DRC during the 1994 genocide. Her other brother and her husband both passed in 2003, her husband in a car accident.

Bonifrida has been struggling with back pain since 2001. She was trying to earn money by working in other people’s gardens or washing clothes, which increased her pain, and it was difficult for her to earn a steady income. Before True Vineyard Ministries, Bonifrida tried earning a living by picking flowers and selling them.

Today she is a Christian and belongs to the Catholic Church. Her oldest son is studying at the University, and her other three children are in secondary school. Bonifrida is thankful to God for bringing her to True Vineyard Ministries because it has given her not only steady work but strong skills.