In 2008, Bernadette’s husband fell ill and passed away, leaving her to care for their five children and for five orphaned children in their care. She tried to start a small food business, but the income was not enough to keep up with the needs of her ten children and herself. After closing her business, she found herself penniless and living in abject poverty. She tried finding consistent work doing many different things, but they all required much of her time and energy while offering very little compensation.

But despite the poor compensation and inconsistent work, she kept her children in school. As her adopted children grew up and finished secondary school, they married or moved out on their own. Now Bernadette cares for her five biological children and the child of her deceased neighbors. She is happy to have consistent work with True Vineyard Ministries, and is excited to have a job that will allow her to take better care of her children and spend more time with her family.