Bebe was born in 1979 in the DRC/Congo. Although she was one of nine children, only Bebe and one sibling were able to survive infancy in the DRC/Congo. Bebe’s family returned to their homeland of Rwanda in 1995. In 1996, her father was killed in an automobile accident.

The life of a single mother is difficult in Rwanda. Bebe’s mother had difficulty earning enough money to pay for rent and Bebe was forced to drop out of school after grade 6. Bebe was married at nineteen but, tragically, lost her husband in an automobile accident in 2000. Left with few options, Bebe decided to return to her mother’s home, where she lives to this day.

Bebe is a mother of four children, one of whom is disabled. Before coming to work for True Vineyard Ministries, Bebe was desperate to find employment so that she could make repairs to her home and support her children and mother.