Appoline was born in 1972 and was raised in Ruhengeri, Rwanda. She dropped out of school to marry her husband. They had four children together. When the genocide broke out in 1994 Appoline remained in Ruhengeri with the children (ages six, four, two and a newborn) while her husband fled to the Democratic Republic of Congo for safety, but he did not survive.

In 1998, Appoline married her widowered neighbor. Their children brought them together through their friendships with each other. Appoline had two children with her second husband, but he died in 2004 from an illness that they assume to be HIV/AIDS. Thankfully, she tested negative for HIV.

She used to earn money by working for people in their garden or making gravel to sell, but she never earned enough to support herself and her family. Appoline received Jesus into her life in 2010 and goes to a Pentecostal church.

Today Appoline’s oldest child is married, and Appoline is now a grandmother. She still cares for her other five children. She is very grateful for her job at True Vineyard. Appoline says, “I see God’s hand over me here.” Please continue to pray for Appoline and welcome her to the True Vineyard family.