Anna Marie

Anna Marie was born to a Christian family in 1963 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There she met her husband who was a teacher. Anna Marie and her husband came to Rwanda in 1994, where her husband continued to teach.

They had three children together. However, the youngest died in a car accident in 2004 at the age of five. The oldest today is a 19-year-old son and the second child is a12-year-old daughter.

Three years after the death of her youngest daughter, Anna Marie had gone to the market for the family, and when she came back to the house she found her husband dead. Doctors believed his death was caused by a heart attack. After his death, she did not know how her family would survive. She turned to her faith in Jesus to help her through the difficult time. Unable to find work or housing, Anna Marie accrued great debt to many people.

Today, because of her employment with TVM, Anna Marie is able to provide for her family and get out of debt. She is also able to help her extended family by caring for her nephew and her elderly mother. She is very thankful for what God has done through True Vineyard Ministries.