When Angelique was three years old her mother died. Her father remarried, but his new wife did not care for her step-children. At the age of 7, Angelique left her father’s house to live with neighbors. She started working when she was 12 as a house servant for families in her village. Working long hours left no time for school, so Angelique never received an education.

Angelique married when she was 18, but lost her husband ten years later. She was left a single mother to five children. At one point, Angelique became so ill from malnutrition that she was unable to work for six months. When she recovered, her family was so desperate for food that Angelique turned to prostitution, making just over $1 each day, in order to feed her family. During this time Angelique contracted HIV.

Angelique's home is in a state of disrepair and no longer protects her and her children when it rains. When True Vineyard hired Angelique she was desperate to have a steady income in a safe working environment so that she could begin to repair her home. Her greatest fear was leaving her children without a safe place to live, should her health fail her.