Alphonsine is the mother of two sons and a daughter.  When she became gravely ill, her husband took her sons and abandoned her.  During the 1994 Genocide, she fled with her aunt to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she met her second husband and had her daughter.  Upon returning to Rwanda with her new family, her husband was killed in the civil war that continued to plague the Northern Province after the genocide.  Before her husband died, he told her that she had to follow God and take care of their children.  Now she and her sons have been reunited, and she praises God for bringing them back together.  They are all involved in their church.

Alphonsine came to work at True Vineyard Ministries in July 2008.  Before being hired, she felt lonely and depressed all the time and would rarely smile, but now she feels happy and grateful.  She is able to provide for her children who are in school, she no longer worries about rain because she has a roof over her head, and she is able to give generously to her church.  She is praying for resources and opportunities to support other people as she has been supported by the work at TVM.  She says, “I know there are others in the same conditions I was in before.  If someone comes to me hungry, I know to give because it’s God who gave me what I have today.  I know I have to share blessings that I have with others.”