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Adera was five years old when her mother died, leaving her to care for her two-month-old sister.  Later, her sister died from malnutrition, and Adera was left with her father, who abused her.  Her church took care of her, and she accepted Jesus when she was 13 years old.  She married at the age of 16.  She has seven children, and two of her sons are still in her care, as well as three of her grandchildren.  She is HIV+, and when she was diagnosed, her husband left her.  He has since returned.

Adera came to work for True Vineyard Ministries in July 2008.  Before she had a job, she suffered from stomach ulcers caused by stress and worry, but now she no longer worries about where to sleep or how to buy food.  She is able to provide for her family.  She thanks the Lord day and night for the blessings in her life, saying that before He provided her job with TVM, her life was full of tears, but now it is full of joy.  She has become a leader and an example to the other women at TVM by being generous and humble.  She shares her clothes with the other women if they need them, saying, “If I have two of something, I give one away.”

She attends Grace Shalom Evangelical Church in Musanze.