True Vineyard Ministries believes that work-based solutions to poverty should restore dignity to impoverished individuals and move them into economic self-sufficiency so that they can become leaders of change in their families and surrounding communities.

The Most Vulnerable

TVM responds to the call of Jesus to love the poor and care for the most vulnerable in society. We believe that even the most destitute in society can be transformed into healed individuals, who develop skill sets so they can care for themselves and their own family members. 

Female Focused

Research reveals that investing in women in developing countries is essential in achieving broader development goals. By providing jobs, education, and encouragement to women who each have an average of four to ten children, they will be more likely to instill those values in future generations. TVM focuses on females not for females alone, but believing that direct investment in a female will reap lasting rewards for future generations. 
Community Based

TVM emphasizes community-based solutions to poverty that utilize local people, local resources, and local talents. Currently, through raising sheep needed for Handspun Hope, specialized training has been offered to our local shepherd and other community members who now care for the sheep, providing them with a valuable skill set of livestock rearing. TVM is also looking to partner with Rwandan schools and other community households to provide training for livestock care.

Transformed Lives

Through a holistic and relational work environment, True Vineyard Ministries hopes for transformed lives. Many of the women served by True Vineyard Ministries suffer from traumatic loss, HIV/AIDS, and marginalization in their own communities. True Vineyard Ministries believes that the only person who can completely transform a person from the inside out is Jesus Christ.  True Vineyard Ministries provides the tools, support, and community to help them live a lifestyle of the Gospel. 

Lasting Impact

There is irreplaceable value of the parent’s responsibility to provide for future generations. It is for this reason we aim to empower adults so that through health awareness, financial stability, and educational values, the people TVM works with will become better parents and parent-figures in the lives of vulnerable children in Africa. Investing in the lives of Rwandan women shapes future generations.