Handspun Hope is True Vineyard's primary vehicle in using work-based solutions to poverty through the employment of more than 100 widows and other marginalized women in Musanze, Rwanda. Handspun Hope is an initiative based on the belief that solutions to poverty should be entrepreneurial, innovative and holistic.

Entrepreneurial and Innovative

True Vineyard Ministries wants to cultivate a competitive edge for the products the True Vineyard women create. Our goal is to produce beautiful products that will be in high demand. TVM has found this in its signature product - organic, hand spun and dyed Merino yarn. Marketing this high quality yarn proves financial viability and ensures long-term meaningful employment to some of Rwanda's most impoverished individuals - widows.

The Product

The women of True Vineyard Ministries craft high quality skeins of Merino yarn in a variety of colors extracted mostly from local plants: avocados, cosmos petalseucalyptus, onion skins and other local plants.

The majority of materials needed to create this yarn are sourced locally from Musanze, Rwanda, where the True Vineyard headquarters is located. Approximately 15 miles from the yarn production office live a thriving flock of Merino sheep. True Vineyard employs a shepherd to keep the sheep clean, safe and healthy so that they produce the best possible Merino wool. The sheep are sheared and the wool is brought to the women's cooperative, whose job it is to clean the wool and create the highest quality, hand-dyed organic Merino yarn. 

On the way to work in the mornings, the women of True Vineyard collect plant leaves and petals to dye the yarn - cosmos petals, eucalyptus leaves, and more. True Vineyard is proud that so many materials are locally sourced, and the final product is completely natural and eco-friendly. 

Our Partners

Purl Soho is our exclusive partner for online sales of Handspun Hope's 100% organic and natively-dyed yarn. We are proud to partner with Purl Soho in bringing the message of hope to knitters and fiber lovers not only all over the nation but world wide.

True Vineyard is thrilled to be a yarn supplier to on purposeKate Spade & Company's trade initiative in Rwanda which is supplying ethically made products to all Kate Spade & Company stores. Using True Vineyard's signature handmade Merino yarn, Jack Spade's collections of high-end Merino wool products are selling now, with more to come. Visit Jack Spade and on purpose to check out these incredible products! Kate Spade & Company's trade initiative is running a cooperative in Masoro, Rwanda where they have invited True Vineyards influence in an advisory role over their Life Skills Program. True Vineyard is thrilled to be assisting Kate Spade & Company in this way, please visit our page on The Whole Person to learn more!

Indego Africa, who showcases talented Rwandan artisans, purchases our finished knit goods for sale in the United States. We are thrilled to be partnering with Indego to market and design the first-ever products crafted completely by the women of True Vineyard Ministries.

True Vineyard is incredibly blessed by our partners at Lucky Ewe Yarn who have tirelessly supported our Handspun Hope initiative through their fiber knowledge and hands-on training of our women in Rwanda.


Please learn more about Our Approach so you can discover how True Vineyard Ministries prioritizes the complete transformation of the individual through Handspun Hope and Vineyard Marketplace. Not only does True Vineyard provide long-term freedom from physical poverty, but True Vineyard also cares for each individual's emotional and spiritual well being. True Vineyard wants every woman who is employed by True Vineyard Ministries to emerge as a healed individual in every area of her life. The impact goes far. Each of the 75 women employed by True Vineyard cares for multiple children and the total number of dependents being directly impacted from these salaries is 324 individuals! Won't you join us in this work of transformation today