Microfinance Initiative

True Vineyard Ministries envisions entire communities freed from poverty by creating environments where the most vulnerable are equipped to live out their full potential in every area of their lives. A significant way True Vineyard pursues this vision is by providing opportunities for long-term financial independence for the women who are employed by True Vineyard Ministries. 

Currently, each woman employed by True Vineyard earns an above-average wage that provides for her basic needs and allows her to invest in her family. In fact, the 44 women have joined together to create a savings group that acts as an emergency fund, and any woman can request a loan from the savings account in the event of an emergency, so that a one-time visit to a hospital does not turn into a crisis.

True Vineyard Ministries is providing an additional opportunity for the women, which will empower them to take one step further in long-term financial independence. For specific women who apply and qualify, True Vineyard is granting individual loans so they can launch their own independent businesses. True Vineyard is providing the needed preparation that equips the women to create personal savings accounts, develop leadership skills, maximize their profit, and invest more fully in the future of their families. 

Whenever a woman achieves enough independence and financial training to leave the yarn-making cooperative and launch her business, True Vineyard will hire another woman who is marginalized and in need of a well paying job and a welcoming, healing community that is offered through True Vineyard Ministries. This cycle of employment opportunity will ensure ongoing impact and involvement in the surrounding community.