True Vineyard Ministries is an ecumenical Christian organization eager to partner with like-minded churches who want to grow in a deeper understanding of the Bible's call to care for the poor and make a difference in Rwanda. 

Here's how we help you do this. 


True Vineyard Ministries wants to engage your church community through education as a means to mobilize your church for mission. We are happy to speak at your church so your congregation may learn more of God's beautiful work in Rwanda.


True Vineyard Ministries encourages churches to send their members to participate in God's life changing work in Rwanda. We facilitate a worry-free vision experience allowing teams to build relationships with the women working with us. These short-term trips allow you to explore a new culture, to interact with new people and to see first-hand how, through the transformational relationship that comes from knowing Christ, lives are being changed. 

Join us and become a church partner today.